Want a lazy way to bank affiliate commission, without all the usual B.S, steep learning curves or limiting softwares? Then, here's how you can...
“Quickly Create Multiple  Affiliate Income Streams With Your Own PUSH-BUTTON ECOMMERCE STORES!"
If you’re looking for a lazy way to make $500 per week in affiliate commissions...
  •   Then forget steep learning curves. 
  •  Forget buggy, limiting software. 
  •  And forget wasting months and hundreds of dollars building niche websites 
Because now you can finally...

Turn a normal Wordpress Website into a money-making ecommerce machine.
That can stand out in the sea of 'me-too' sites online.

SO if you’re looking for a real business you can start tonight...

A business you can be proud of...

A business that can actually make you about $500+ per week if you just put in a little effort...

Then creating your own e-commerce affiliate store with a special, secret weapon I'm about to tell you is the perfect chance to break free from the day job or simply to add some extra part-time income this year.
"Why Create Affiliate Stores Today?" 
  • REASON #01: Shoppers now make 51% of their purchases on the web - more people are buying physical products online than ever!
  • REASON #02. 190 million people will shop online this year - it doesn’t matter about the competition, because there’s tons of traffic and buyers to go round!
  • REASON #03. It’s much easier to sell physical products than digital products and services - people don’t need to be «sold»or persuaded into buying... just show them where to buy!traffic and buyers to go round!
  • REASON #04. Being an ecommerce affiliate means you don’t need to stock products, worry about payment processors, ordo any kind of order fulfillment - get paid when people click and buy through your affiliate links instead!
But, the real question is, why isn’t every one creating their own affiliate ecommerce store and having success then?

Because in the past, creating your own store used to bedifficult. You can do deal with things like...
  • Wasting time trying to find valuable, but not overly saturated products to promote.
  • Trying to get the traffic to your store in the first place.
  • Dealing with limiting affiliate site builder softwares that don't give you the flexibility you need to add your own valuable content ... or make the site look high-end.
  • Wasting hours searching for affiliate products to promote and manually adding them to your website.
  • Putting up affiliate products that don't update to thecorrect pricing on the actual salespage... or reflect the lowest possible price of it online.
  • It could easily take days, or even weeks, just to get a single store online...
  • ...and you’d still need to write content, learn SEO, and manually update everything (from pricing to product availability).
But not anymore, thanks to...
The MultiStore Builder Software
With a couple of clicks, you can create your own army of fully customizable ecommerce affiliate stores...

Packed with hundreds products people actually need, ready to start making you money.

And the cool thing is...

You don’t need to buy stock or risk any money upfront!

Visitors click your affiliate links and you get paid fat commissions from big commerce stores like Amazon, AliExpress, etc when your visitors buy - WITHOUT you doing any fulfillment at all!
Here's What You Can Do With MultiStore Builder
You can display single products...
...or turn your entire website into a full-blown affiliate store in seconds with multiple listings of products in one collection!
... and start pulling in easy affiliate commissions from red hot products that people are already searching for right now!
Create Professional Ecommerce Stores That Stand Out At The Push Of A Button
Check out some demo stores that set up in under 3 minutes with MultiBuilder:
Example #1:
Snowboarding Store
Example #2:
Perfume and Jewelry Store
And unlike other store builders, Multistore Builder is ...
The First Ever WordPress Store Builder To Integrate 7 Major Affiliate Networks!
(Including Amazon, Aliexpress, BestBuy, Walmart, Ebay, Shopify and Envato!)
Unlike other store builders, MultiStore Builder allows you to instantly fill your store with thousands of the most unique, in-demand products from 7 major affiliate networks at once. Which means:
  • Your visitors have more choices (and are more likely to actually buy something from your store)
  • You’ll have more keyword rich webpages in Google (which means more free traffic)
  • You’ll beat other affiliate competition with more products on offer and more visibility in Google, (you’ll get more traffic)
  • You’ll be a true niche authority (which means more trusting visitors and even more sales)
  • You'll offer the lowest price online guaranteed now.
Bottom line is ...
MultiStore Builder Is The Only Store Builder You’ll Ever Need Now And In The Future!
Check out how easy it is to profit from MultiStore Builder:
More Unique and Necessary Features Which MultiStore Builder Has...
Build Stores From 7 Networks 'All-In-One' Fast
Select individual products or 'one-click' bulk import products from Amazon, Aliexpress, Envato, BestBuy, Walmart, eBay, and Shopify
First To Create 'Single' Or 'Multi' Stores At Once
Instead of choosing between an 'Amazon' or 'AliExpress' store...users can use any combination of affiliate networks in just one site.You can set up full store lines or list individual products from a single network
'Built-in' Traffic Features And Training To Help You Get Results
The Multi Store Builder make it easy for you to share the products on your e-Store to social media websites and we're also providing you with training to get traffic.
Advanced Short Code Integration
Just enter the shortcode into your post and let the plugin do all the work for you. Display storefronts (collection of affiliate products from any network) into post or pages. You choose to display only a searchbar, the Multistore front or a single store products, too!
Social Proof And Imported Reviews
Not only can it import the reviews of any product into your stores, but it comes with the option for real visitors to leave comments on your store as well.
Auto Price Updating
A major feature most of the other 'store builders' lacked. Multistore Builder auto updates to the correct pricing to guarantee high-conversion
Works With Wordpress And WooCommerce Themes
Easy to integrate into any Wordpress or WooCommerce theme so you have a store you can add content to and fully control on YOUR hosting.
Detailed Stats To Promote Top Converting Products Only
Make sure you only import high-value, high-converting products into your store with our detailed stats technology.
Show Products That Are Available For A Discount In Real Time
This is amazing. Now you can show in real time which products on your store just went on discount on the affiliate network they are on to buy.
Full Control And Customization
You can choose to edit the imported title and descriptions, plus add your own valuable content and reviews! Choose the exact product order of your 'Multistores' and choose to include featured products if you wish. Everything is easy to use and puts you in total control.
Turn More Visitors Into Cash
  • Built-in social proof - import reviews for any product and ability for users to leave their OWN testimonial or comment on your site.
  • Auto pricing updates for all products - your pricing automatically updates when the vendor changes their price on Amazon, Aliexpress, Best Buy, Walmart, Shopify and Evanto
  • Show discounts - automatically highlight products that are currently available for a discount on the affiliate networks
  • Choose a country - visitors can choose their preferred Amazon and eBay location they want to buy products from
  • Build super-niched stores - by importing specific products you choose from a single network like Amazon
  • Build an instant "authority" store - by importing products from 7 major affiliate networks at once.
  • Automatically display product descriptions and real customer reviews - fill your store with real content that converts visitors into cash!
"The MultiStore Builder Is Totally Customizable, Packed With Tons Of Customization Tools
For Your Online Business..."
  • Advanced shortcode integration - just enter the shortcode into your post and let the plugin do all the work for you. You can display storefront (collection of affiliate products from any network) into post or pages. You choose to display only a search bar, the multi store front or a single store products using the shortcode.
  • Choose the order that your products appear in your store perfect for promoting higher payout offers or best-sellers that are more likely to convert! 
  • Display featured products that show up first in your store fronts – another great way to highlight products that pay you bigger commissions and that are already popular online!
  • Products per page – choose how many products per page you want display on each page of your store
  • Detailed product stats – instantly uncover the hottest selling products for your store
And It's So Easy To Use!
Step #1:
Enter your niche keywords to find products to add from any of the 7 major affiliate networks.
Step #2:
Then choose your filters and which products you want to add. You can quickly check the quality based on reviews, sales, prices, and more.
Step #3:
Then, create single listings or 'MultiStore' collections of many relevant, related products at once to increase sales. Just insert a shortcode or edit the post where you want your products and you're done.
Comes With “Built-In” Traffic And Fool-Proof
Traffic Training
Supercharged SEO - optimized product listings and 3rd party reviews easily attract thousands of long-tail buying keyword searches for the products you’re promoting!

To further over deliver, when you grabMultiStore Builder today, I’ll be throwing in 4 ADDITIONAL SPECIAL BONUSES for FREE.  

They have been hand-picked to compliment the ecommerce store you’ll be launching soon to make an extra part-time income for you…
Bonus #1: The Cutting Edge SEO Mastery Home Course
Inside this complete and brand new Cutting Edge SEO Mastery, you will learn all of the strategies to help you get more free traffic from Google towards your e-Commerce store. Despite all of the lies out there, you can still make SEO work for you if done right, and it can be a treasure trove of free traffic.

Here is what is included in this training program...
  • Video 1 - Overview of SEO: Gain a broad view of SEO, so you can start to see what is working now.
  • Video 2 - What Is Working Now: Discover what SEO strategies are working right now, and what strategies you should be employing for long term success.
  • Video 3 - Mobile Optimization: This is such a vital part of your overall SEO success, and you need to know this if you have any desire to achieving free search engine traffic.
  • Video 4 - Effective Keyword Research: Learn how to find and target keywords like a seasoned SEO master! Targeting the right keywords can impact many areas of your Internet business.
  • Videos 5, 6, 7, & 8 - On Page Ranking Factors: Once you go through these lessons you will be able to have your site in excellent shape to start getting valuable search engine traffic! Optimize your site like a seasoned SEO professional!
  • Video 9 - Negative Ranking Factors: If you miss this video you may be doing stuff that will get you banned from the search engines all together.
  • Video 10 - Understanding Search Engine Updates: If you don't know where to find the latest search engine updates, or don't understand what these updates mean it could have detrimental impact on your traffic. This video will help you gain control over your rankings again, and help you stay one step ahead!
  • Videos 11, 13, & 13 - Link Building Strategies: Link building is the most powerful thing you can do to positively impact your website's search engine rankigns. If done wrong though you can crush your chances at free traffic. This is an in depth training on doing link building the right way! Finally understand how to do link building so you don't get banned from the search engines.
  • Video 14 - Social Media Marketing Strategies: You can't have a top SEO strategy without an effective social media strategy in place. They go hand in hand. You need both working for you to achieve the best results. Learn how to make them work for your business in this video.
  • Video 15 – Local SEO Methods: Discover exactly what you need to increase search engine rankings for your local business, or use this strategy to do work for small business owners in your area.
  • Video 16 - Analytics and Webmaster Tools: Learn how to effectively track your website's performance by using Google Analytics and Google's Webmaster tools.
BONUS #2: SEO Edge Software
SEO Edge Software analyzes a website, generates an SEO report card based off of a large list of weighted SEO factors, and then it creates an in-depth audit of the URL being analyzed.

It's basically the secret weapon to beat your competitors.

Finding all this information and keeping it current is difficult. With SEO Snapshot, you can see all of this inside one easy-to-navigate dashboard. 

It is specifically designed to be as user friendly as possible, with features like:
  • SEO Score - Quickly visualize your overall SEO report card and compare it to your competition. Fix the SEO mistakes on your site, and increase your score… and rankings! 
  • OnPage SEO Audit - Getting good backlinks is important, but making sure that Google sees your site as quality content that visitors will continue to go back to is crucial. If your on-page SEO isn’t up to par, you won’t rank. SEO Snapshot will help you fix this!
  • Rankings - Keep track of ALL of your rankings for as many keywords as you want. Ongoing rank checks ensure that the data you see is accurate and in real-time.
  • Traffic Estimation - See how your site stacks up against your competition!
  • Social Signals and Social Page Analysis - Complete breakdown of your social signal impact in SEO, as well as a full breakdown of your Facebook and Twitter page analysis.
  • Page Speed and Load Times - This is critical with ranking high, as Google’s algorithms give higher authority and ranking to faster loading sites with little errors. Fix all of the holes in your site after analyzing these key metrics.
  • Mobile Analysis - How does your site fair on mobile devices? This is critical when ranking high on Google from mobile devices like iPhones, iPads, Android, and tablets.
  • And many more types of reports!
Bonus #3: The Amazon Free Traffic Blueprint
Your e-Commerce website needs traffic and this bonus will help you to get free traffic quickly and easily particularly by promoting Amazon's products on your e-store.

This traffic method is for your Wordpress website, you can grow your WordPress website through content & social marketing.

While bonus #1 is mostly focused on Google, the traffic generation tactics and strategies in this bonus do not depend on Google. Google traffic is great, but Google likes to change its mind regularly about which sites to reward, and which sites to punish. So if you're really looking to build a valuable site that gets a ton of traffic, leads and sales, it's vital you diversify your traffic.

That's what this bonus is all about... attracting high quality traffic from multiple sources WITHOUT paying for advertising.

You will learn how to grow your Wordpress website traffic in almost any market. And very importantly, these results can then continue to come in for years when you're doing it correctly and maintaining the traffic source.

In this special bonus, you will learn:
  • How to research and organize keywords that help your site attract huge traffic
  •  How to decide what (and when) to publish to your Wordpress site 
  •  Options that allow you to write great content quickly and easily
  •  How to "amplify" your content so it quickly reaches the widest audience possible
  •  A detailed introduction to speeding up your WordPress site for higher rankings
Bonus #4: The Amazon Fresh Bundle Plugin
The Amazon Fresh Bundle is a Wordpress plugin that lets anyone add professional, high-converting bundles to their sites… created from ANY Amazon products you want to group together.

Let me explain - the elite Amazon affiliates don’t “namby-pamby” around trying to sell a single product… or even a single line of products… no chance. 

The top amazon sellers focus on selling multiple products to the same customer…

They don’t just sell a camera: they sell a camera AND two lenses AND a camera bag AND a book on photography.  

They don’t sell products, they sell bundles.
So by adding this plugin into your e-Commerce affiliate store, you too can be selling bundles like this on automation to easily 3X your commissions!
  • Every bundle shows the total amount saved from the RRP on the entire bundle to make your offers even more attractive.
  • Fresh Bundle Software gives you a 90-day Amazon cookie, compared to the usual 24 hours… so you don’t lose your sales to some other guy that comes along with a cheap trick to scoop up your traffic.
  • Use fully customizable calls-to-action to control every item of text within your bundle and lead your visitor all the way to the sale.
  • Use Amazon’s own in-house technology to decide which bundles will convert best.
This Is The BEST 'Content Monetization' Software Out There For "Plug and Play".
  • Want more money from your blog? With one click you can instantly display proven products that convert right inside your blog posts, sidebar, or anywhere you want.
  • Not just random products, but ones you select that you believe in and have proven sales numbers and reviews.
  • Each product is automatically encoded with your affiliate links, product descriptions, pricing and customer reviews so you can sit back and watch these products sell themselves!
MultiStore Builder is your ultimate shortcut to creating dozens – even hundreds – of profitable stores that generate free traffic and easy affiliate commissions, even when you’re sleeping.
  • No more spending hours searching for a decent template or theme
  • No more screwing around with unsupported plugins
  • No more messing with code to fix bugs
  • No more blowing $100’s on content
  • No more backbreaking SEO or endless blogging
  • No more hiring virtual assistants
Now you can configure the app to build your affiliate eStores that are focused on getting traffic and monetizing them immediately with 7 affiliate networks.

Just launch your websites and earn affiliate commissions whenever your website visitors purchase the physical products. This is a real store that you can be proud to show your family too!
Whether you’re a super affiliate or a newbie... 

You can finally create a beautiful store, loaded with hundreds – even thousands – of affiliate products and traffic-getting content at the push of a button. 

Imagine having 10, 20, or even 50 stores all raking in passive, free traffic and easy affiliate commissions, day after day? Now you can with MultiStore Builder!
“How can I get my hands on this push-button ecommerce store today to start making money online?
Your investment for the MultiStore Builder is only a one-time, very affordable $29. 

You can tell that the investment is a no-brainer, you’ll earn back your investment in probably less than a week when you have a few e-commerce stores.
We can't guarantee your first store will make $100 right off the bat, but it could easily make say... $10 bucks per week.

And the good news is...

Building lots of little $10 per week stores is easy with MultiStore Builder which can add up fast to $500 per week!

Just think...

With just 50 products in your store, packed with detailed descriptions, plus a bunch of real customer reviews...

Your store can easily get ranked for all kinds of longtail buyer keywords, bringing in free passive traffic every single day! 

And because you’re attracting real buyers who are searching for specific products that your store is promoting...

It’s DEAD EASY to turn those visitors into sales and easily hit $10 per week! $10 per week doesn’t sound like much, but what if you could build 50 more stores in just one afternoon?

That’s already $500 per week!

What if you could build another 50 stores on top of that? 

Suddenly, you’re making $1000 per week from a tiny army of affiliate stores, totally hands-free. 

Instead of putting all your time, money and energy into building one "super store", the trick is to use MultiStore builder to create a bunch of "underachieving" stores in different niches...

And quietly rake in thousands of dollars per week from free traffic.

Want more traffic and sales?

Just create more stores and just add more products!

And if you want to focus on just one "authority" high-value store... you can do that, too, thanks to the amazing customizable features that let you add your own value and change everything. 
No Monthly Fees.
Unlike other store builders, MultiStore Builder is hosted on your own servers and WordPress installation. Which means no crippling monthly fees and total control over your store forever.

Now, truth is, we would charge $97 for this valuable tool.
No "PRO VERSION" Upsell Too.
What you're getting with the Multi Store Builder IS at the "PRO" version. Don't you just hate it when you're presented with an upsell to enable more features of a software you've just purchased?

No. We don't do that. All of the features we have in Multi Store Builder is already "unlocked".
Just look at what it could cost to build a high converting, SEO friendly e-commerce store the hard way ...
  • Web designer to build a custom theme = $850
  • Premium plugins and widgets to increase SEO andconversions = $70+
  • Product widgets = $49 per month
However, we're giving you a deep price cut as we want you to start making real money online and join the internet freedom lifestyle… 

Something you may only dream about without this valuable tool that we're giving you on a silver platter to success today. 

Plus, we're going to give a full 60 days money back guarantee when you grab it today…
100% Money Back Guarantee

Over the next 60 days if you don’t agree that MultiStore Builder is the easiest way to create beautiful stores packed with way more products than anyone else, attracts free Google and social media traffic, and makes you way more money than you ever could have trying to do this alone, then we’ll refund every single penny on the spot.
If you think about it, all you need is one affiliate product sale to pay for the cost.

One tiny sale.

Do you think that after making 10 or even 50 niche sites with real trending, top selling products at the best prices you can get one measly affiliate sale?

You bet.

Grab this today and finally cash in on the e-commerce boom with a store that really stands out, provides value, and actually rakes in free and easy affiliate commissions or your money back!

Just do it. In as little as in 2 weeks, you could be enjoying life so much more. 

It's easy to get started right away... Just click the button below to complete the extremely simple and secure order process and...

When you build this up, get ready to add another new stream of part-time income.

So get a copy of the MultiStore builder today...
Instant Access - Even At 2 am
P.S. - Why waste time and money wrestling with generic WordPress ecommerce themes or outdated store builders that weren't meant to seriously work for today's internet?

Why waste money paying for a for a store builder that is painfully limited, doesn't pull from all 7 major affiliate networks at once and the support staff is no where near to be found anyway?

Why waste time and money figuring out SEO, paying for overpriced PPC ads to try and get traffic to your affiliate site, when MultiStore builder already has traffic pulling features and comes with our fool-proof traffic training suite with modern strategies?

You've got nothing to lose and push-button ecommerce stores to gain.

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